Trust issues


I happen not to trust easily, yes I can be friends with you and all that. But to trust you is just too damn hard. This happens because I have been betrayed a lot. So trusting a person is just a painful and difficult road for me, not to mention a confusing one. Trust could be a feeling or a cause and effect of kind of thing.

I have been betrayed, turned on, kicked while on the ground, you name it. People seem to always break their trust with me, and I don’t know why this happens because I never back-stab them. I’m always there and loyal, I guess my kindness is the one that break me down.

I wonder if I will have the ability to trust again, to have people whom I will go to and talk all day long about my problems and them telling me about their problems aswell. But then again, life happened.


Women’s Struggle

aggressive-mad-women-fighting-over-man-men-pulling-hair-jealous-girls-wooing-guy-violence-62864436Girl please; let this not be you. Nothing is unattractive than a woman who fights for a man, a man who will not marry you in few years time, a man who will still cheat on you. Honey please, we are not built for war, we do not have the strength it requires or the mental stability, stop trying to be the first lady.

why did he cheat from the start? don’t you think he probably wants out? why did he want a different booty whilst he has you?. Walk away honey, let him be. Be that kind of a women who fights for positions at work places not a position of being someone’s bae like seriously, that is just totally not a dope move.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from such foolishness. If he didn’t marry you than he ain’t yours, you gonna share him whether you like it or not. If he cheated, cry if you want to only if it’s going to make you feel better. But if it was possible I would say save your tears for something worth it.


Testing time.

examTick Tock, can you hear that? Yup, it is that time again where our knowledge is tested. Through exam, we as students know our knowledge and compare with other students. Some of the students in the world, they have no chance to know where their knowledge is.

Again it is that time where we be will having a war between our class mates because we compete with each other with our knowledge and exam is the ground to see who is the best among us. And due to exam, we compete with each other and it might generate interest and excitement on topic that not interest. And from the exam we are able to improve our confidence level, and level of knowledge.

Goodluck to all



Ai for once in my entire life I found someone my height, I have been looking for this moment for a long time now. Everyone around me is just too damn tall and my neck becomes painful I’m tired of looking at the sky yoh ai never.

But then again never underestimate the power of a short base, she likes being little. Don’t make it sound like a bad thing. After all, she can wear the highest heels without looking ridiculous, which she knows makes her tall friends jealous lol you know it’s true right. And please don’t rest your arm on top of her head. It makes her feel like her neck is going to break. The arm on her head makes her like your kid sister, not your lover. Don’t do that, Gosh I just hate it when that happens, sometimes i feel like punching the guy, like literally.

Any time she wants to tell you something in your ear, be prepared to bend down to her level. Unless of course you’re sitting down. Then it’s much easier to communicate. When you hug her please lift her up, she totally enjoys it. And please stop those stereotypes of them being stubborn and short temper cause we ain’t. Also “tiny” is not a cute pet name. Call us babe, baby, bae, portable  whatever man. But do not call her tiny or shawty for that matter even worse “small”. Yoh Jesus. Yes, we lack in height, but make it up for in personality. And you know it’s true, short girls are fun.




I would tell you that I love you tonight, but I know that I got time on my side, where you going? why you leaving so soon? is there somewhere else where it’s better for you? what is love, if you not here with me, if you can’t guarantee. what is love, if you just have to leave?What is love, if you not really sure. I gave you all of me, but I guess it wasn’t enough to make you happy, I gave you everything. I feel like I walk a thousand mile, I didn’t even come close, I feel like I tried to make you smile but you don’t even care. I just want you to look at me as see that I can be good enough.

A Friend

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One blogger once said, a friend is someone who cares about you they are those who will be there when you’re down. A good friend is someone who’s willing to help you when you are in a little trouble that’s hard to get out, a good friend is someone who you can talk to and trust with your problems in not telling anyone else. A good friend is someone who will come and stop you from taking your life and sit down to show you all the good things to live for.

It is very tough for everyone to be involved in the true friendship however if one get it become very lucky in a big crowd. It is a divine and most precious gift of the life. Getting a true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement of the life. I am as lucky as I have such dope friends. They are very valuable for me and I value their friendship a lot.

My best friends are very lovely in nature and loved by everyone such as my parents, my family members, my neighbours, etc. They just complete me in every angle, they make me laugh, sometimes mad and angry but we still find a way to work things out. Yes, some of them are my booze buddies, we drink till it’s dawn make stupid things and laugh about it the next day. Lol they just too special, I just cant imagine life with out them.

Having a friend doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be the same gender, nah fam, gender can be any as long as you feel appreciated, safe and happy with them then you good to go. Don’t be afraid to call them your friends, every girl deserves that one male friend. Male friends are especially the dope once, one laughs none stop, jokes all the way, stupidity one way, love is just part of all of it.


Black Magic

Reasons Why Women Do and Dont Wear Make-Upscreenshot_2016-10-21-13-37-23

Women know the makeup game is rigged. The only those of us who can win at it are those who are so preternaturally beautiful they look like they’re wearing it even when they’re not. So…a handful of supermodels. We’re told that we’re either wearing too much or too little, which makes us either too high maintenance or not feminine enough, too overdone for work or too underdone to get a job. Just check out the comments on any article on the topic (at the risk of your sanity, of course).

Lately, though, a handful of viral stories about makeup’s transformative capabilities, like this one and this one, are once again stirring up that age-old complaint from dudes: women wearing makeup are lying about their appearance. Oh, and specifically, they’re lying to dudes. That hurts their fee-fees, because they deserve someone a lot more attractive than you with your natural face! Heaven for-fend your eyelids are actually not dark and smoky and glittery like they thought. Women are apparently even chancing the risk of violence by “deceiving” dudes about their appearance.’ lol this is just black magic shame hy, no more talent.